The Artist

Vítor Manuel Leal Antunes is a Portuguese who was born on May 1st, 1957. Since his childhood, he feels in drawing and painting a great magic that allows him to create a very personal universe. However, for several constraints, it’s in languages and literatures that he eventually graduates.

Along with his occupation as a language teacher, he never gives up materializing his dream through art. In that sense, he works, completely, as a self-taught artist because only this way he considers himself more original. Therefore, he never attends any artistic course or even has contact with anyone from this area.                                

Accordingly, for him, nature is his biggest muse and God is his genuine master, so he follows neither movements nor artists.

In his compositions, he sees colour, light, form, space and balance as equally important.

He likes to vary his style since he doesn’t appreciate the mass production of works. Imagination, is paramount, for him.

By valuing quality over quantity, only now, he thinks to have achieved the required number of works to put on display.

The human body, the animals, the trees, the water, the sun… are indispensable motives in his compositions.

Being against the copies from reality, all landscapes are created by his imagination and inspired by nature itself.

At times, he also turns to illusion, the creation of a false collage as it happens in “Sharon Tate on the beach “, the geometric elements and the mixture of various materials.

Feeling accomplished with his work and giving pleasure to the people who observe it, are, invariably, his ultimate goals.